Sexy Halloween Costumes: Fairy Tale and Fantasy Character Edition

We’re so excited about these signs of fall. The leaves are changing, there’s a crispness to the air and we’re ready to get dressed up and party! Halloween party season is coming up, which means now is the perfect time to start planning your costume. Today we’re focusing on some of our favorite literary characters, fantasy creatures and fairy tales.


Beastly Beauty Halloween Costume

We love this chic take on an alternative Beauty and the Beast costume. After all, yellow ball gowns don’t suit everyone! This is a fun and sexy look with it’s adorable miniskirt, ruffled formal coat and accessories. Just grab a rose and some high heeled boots and you’re ready to party.

Charming Pirate Captain Halloween Costume

The only thing better than pirates is a Pirate Queen! We love this ruffled and feminine take on the traditional pirate costume, complete with admiral’s cap and naval influenced details. Add matching stockings and a pair of boots to complete the look.

Spellbinding School Girl Halloween Costume

Think of this as your sexy Harry Potter look. The short skirt is provocative while still providing some coverage, while the crop top and cape give you that magical schoolgirl vibe. Tease your hair and get a wand to get that adults only Hermione costume that we’ve all always wanted.

Hatter Madness Costume

This Hatter Madness costume is truly gorgeous in person, from amazing dress to the shiny bolero with bow tie. If you like standing out in a crowd, this costume is for you. It’s a great take on Alice in Wonderland, with a big dose of edgy style.

Angel Of Darkness Costume

This beautiful Angel of Darkness costume will help you stand out from the crowd! The black dress and wings look beautiful on and have a lovely sparkle to them that really shines. Don’t forget to add stockings and some killer boots to complete the look!

Rebel Snow Queen Halloween Costume

Not all princesses have to be sweet! We love this Rebel Snow Queen look if you feel like you’ve grown out of the Disney princess trend. This edgy look will turn heads and be an eye-catcher at parties throughout the month.

Rebel Riding Hood Halloween Costume

There are lots of great takes on unconventional Red Riding Hood costumes, but we are especially in love with this steampunk influenced version. The off the shoulder blouse and leather look harness reminds us of our favorite steampunk heroines, while the short skirt is flirty and fun. Who doesn’t love a great ruffle?

Sexy Halloween Costumes: Strong Women Edition

We’re gearing up for Halloween here and the costumes just keep on coming in! We love helping our customers find the perfect costume for their dress up party (or maybe just their own home). Today we’re focusing on costumes that show off female strength and determination – just like our favorite women in real life! Transform yourself this Halloween by dressing up as a goddess, superheroine, or even a villain.


Greek Goddess Costume

Goddesses traditionally embodied both beauty and strength – along with a serious temper. We love the idea of channeling this for Halloween, especially when we have such pretty costume options for it! We love this white, gold and teal costume for Halloween parties.

Scandalous Sword Warrior Plus Costume

Did you love Xena back in the day? If you did, this costume is for you. This fierce female warrior costume comes with everything you need to intimidate those around you – just add some amazing boots and you’re ready to go.

Sexy Miss Robin Costume

We love costumes that represent a female take on a traditionally male figure! Be the best sidekick this season in this flirty Miss Robin Costume, with it’s easy to wear miniskirt and cape.

Athena Plus Costume

Athena is traditionally the goddess of wisdom, but she was also known for getting into her own share of battles. Take on her fighting spirit in this gold and white costume, complete with headband.

Sexy Ivy Costume

Every villain has a story, as various Marvel movies have taught us. Create your own in this sexy Ivy Costume, complete with tutu style dress. If you want to have even more fun with it, pick up a red wig and some high heeled boots to complete the look.

Comic Girl Plus Costume

Be your own hero is this red, white and blue costume! We love the added cape for drama and the flattering short skirt. The sweetheart neckline will help accentuate your curves.

Halloween is Coming: Sexy Animal Costume Edition

Tomorrow is the first day of fall, which means we’re already thinking about Halloween! While candy and Halloween decorations have been in grocery stores for awhile now, we don’t really feel Halloween ready until early October or so. Now that we’re almost there, we’re planning out our party schedules and figuring out the most important thing: what we’re going to wear!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be shining a spotlight on our various costume options by theme. This should help if you’re trying to find a costume for a specific party them (vintage, ¬†animal, superhero/superheroine) but will also show you what is out there if you’re completely undecided. Today we’re covering some sexy animal inspired looks, from the basic cat costume to an extremely fashionable werewolf look. To find out more about each costume, just click on the picture!

Sexy Kitty Costume

This Sexy Kitty costume is pink and pretty, combining a fashionable animal print with an easy to wear corset and skirt combination. We love the finishing touches on this outfit: the head and neck accessories really turn it into something special.

Sexy Plus Peacock Costume

Peacocks love showing off, so this sexy corset based peacock costume is perfect for those of who you want to stand out at your next Halloween party! The beautiful peacock inspired corset looks perfect when combined with the matching mini skirt. This costume is a great way to dress as something unexpected this season.

Cat Fight Halloween Costume

We all know that cats are in charge – this costume proves that they can be superheroes too! This Catwoman inspired outfit features everything you need to take charge this season, including a mask to disguise your everyday identity.

Bunny In Wonderland Costume

This Playboy bunny inspired looks is fun for a party or the bedroom! We love the matching ears and the chic black and white tube dress that works for a wide variety of figures.

Cat Walk Kitty Plus Costume

Those of you who love fashion can’t go wrong with this sparkly kitty costume, completely with gold glitter ears! This looks perfect paired with sky high heels and your favorite stockings.

Frisky Werewolf Costume

This werewolf costume is another great option for fashionistas: the red and black tartan print is now a style staple during cooler weather. We love this fun torn hem skirt and the flattering cut of the v-neck top. As usual, ears and werewolf appropriate accessories are included.

Cattitude Plus Costume

This is a great basic costume that you can wear year after year without changing the look too much. The pink accents give it a fun feminine vibe, while the longer sleeves make it easier to wear for those of you who live in cooler climates.

Lingerie Inspiration: Pumpkin Spice Season!

Our favorite part of the autumn season is here: pumpkin spice time! We’re huge fans of the comforting and spice laden lattes that Starbucks and other coffee shops serve this time of year. The trend has expanded to other foods as well: we’ve seen pumpkin spice candy, teas and even popcorn at the store! So, what about lingerie?

Today we thought we’d put together a little ode to our favorite drink in lingerie form. These ¬†budget friendly pieces are a fun way to spice up your autumn lingerie drawer and channel a bit of your favorite latte. Just click on the pictures to find out more information about each piece!


Rianna Gold Teddy

This plunging gold teddy is gorgeous and sexy! It’s the perfect easy treat to pick up for the weekend, whether your plans involve a big night out or a cozy evening in with Netflix and a nice bottle of wine.

Zakk Brown Men’s Boxer

Women love animal prints, but this classic look looks great on guys too! This manly boxer adds some fun any man’s underwear routine.

Goddess Yvette Sand

This Goddess bra is perfect for our full busted and plus size customers, but it’s also a great color for fall. We love it on a range of skin tones and body types! This is a lovely and well made piece that will last for ages if you take care of it properly.

Bailey Sunset Teddy

This bright orange teddy is a fun way to get ready for Halloween! This cheerful and fun color makes a lovely change of pace from more traditional lingerie colors – it looks great on everyone.

Raul Orange Men’s Boxer Brief

Men can wear orange too! We love these supportive boxers for the men in our lives, especially those who aren’t scared of a little bit of color.

Emery Peach Teddy

This sweet lace teddy features romantic lace details and a classic cut that will make your legs look even longer! This is a great basic piece that looks great with lots of color combinations, making it a piece you’ll reach for again and again.

12 Full Bust Friendly Bras For Fall

We loved seeing all of the new lingerie trickle into the store this week! We tend to switch out our bras with the seasons – and also try to spend some time evaluating what isn’t working for us in our personal lingerie drawers. Make sure to throw out any bras that are completely stretched out or torn or stained while you are going through things. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to see what you need to replace!

Today we’re highlighting 12 of our favorite full bust bras currently in our brick and mortar and online stores, so you can grab your new favorite bra for cooler weather early. Lots of these are tried and true models that our customers return for again and again. We’re sure that each of these will become a staple in your lingerie drawer. To find out more about each item, just click on the picture!

Elomi Matilda White Bra

The Elomi Matilda is an unpadded version of the classic Elomi plunge bra shape – and it has practically flown out of stores each season. The fashion color versions are great, but we return again and again to the basic versions in beige, white and black.

Freya Deco Chambre Bra

The Freya Deco has gotten a lot more stylish in recent years, but still boosts the same great cleavage enhancing powers and comfortable support. We love this soft blue knit version for everyday wear.

Curvy Kate Wild Blush Bra

This Curvy Kate bra is a great take on a standard t-shirt bra, with it’s smooth animal print cups and classic balconette shapes. This is a fun version of a basic bra that will look great under anything, from t-shirts to cashmere sweaters.

Elomi Bijou Black Bra

The Elomi Bijou is another new classic that has recently been added to Elomi’s lineup. If you want to try out the strappy lingerie trend, this is a great way to do it! We love it under a v-neck shirt so the straps show, but also as an every day bra under high cut necklines.

Fantasie Rebecca Purple Bra

The Fantasie Rebecca is a classic t-shirt bra and this new purple colorway is right on trend. Our customers have loved the lift and shape that this bra provides for years, along with it’s comfortable fit. If you’re looking for a new basic t-shirt bra, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Freya Sassy Black Bustier Bra

We love the vintage feel of longline bras, so this Freya Bustier is right up our alley. The black and grey print is classic and easy to wear. We love this under holiday and party dresses!

Goddess Keira Azure Bra

This azure blue version of the popular Keira is truly stunning! This bra is popular with both our full bust and plus size customers. The smooth cup design and full coverage shape makes it great to layering under all of your winter sweaters and coats.

Freya Active Carbon Bra

A great sports bra will change your life! This Active Carbon bra is stylish and functional, providing the great support that Freya is known for. This sports bra is perfect for high impact sports and serious exercise.

Curvy Kate Luxe Ivory Bra

Everyone needs one great strapless bra tucked away! This Curvy Kate Luxe bra won’t slide down or move around, even while you’re dancing the night away.

Elomi Carmen Passion Bra

This supportive plunge bra is beautiful and supportive! We love how it works nicely under almost any neckline and feels comfortable to wear all day long.

Fantasie Fusion White Bra

Fantasie’s Fusion bra is a great new basic that we believe will become a standard in any full bust lingerie drawer. The soft fabric feels lovely against the skin and the cut is practical and useful. Fantasie’s high quality means this bra with last for ages with proper care.


Curvy Kate Scantilly Vamp Black Bra

Scantilly is Curvy Kate’s sexier sister brand, which makes them a great choice for special occasions. We love the ruffled take on the strappy lingerie trend as well as the fit and support that the brand offers.